Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How to Make Friends and Alienate Mistakes

Tips for the First Week:

  • Always carry and pen and pad (or tablet): the communications industry is always on the go. With all the information coming at you, especially on your first day, a notepad is a must to help you remember everything.
  • Get a seat at the table:  If you attend meetings regularly, be sure you sit at the table. How can you be heard and contribute if you cannot be seen?
  •  Bring your laptop/iPad: Chances are that as an intern you wont get the best material. No one will be offended if you use your own technology. After all, you are a digital native and that means the more updated the technology the better you can perform.
  • Do it yourself: Take the imitative to solve an issue that arises. If your phone doesn’t work- call the Help Desk before you ask a supervisor to assist you.
  • Be Conversational: No one likes awkward elevator silence- ask the person how their day is going, what department they are from, etc.
  • Know the lingo- if you don’t understand a term or acronym, Google it. If Google doesn’t have the answer (unlikely) then ask your supervisor.
  • Be Confident but Humble: You are a member of the team. You are also there to learn.
  • Smile.

~Chris Jasinski